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Bringing you the advantage of buying DIRECT.

We are committed to provide our customers with the finest quality products manufactured at our own facilities in India or source from other manufacturers in accordance to our stringent quality requirement. In the entire supply chain we try to avoid intermediaries where ever possible to cut down our costs to give you the price advantage without compromising on the quality of product and service. Our team comprises of people who are in this business for almost a decade. We have been supplying to large businesses and have in depth knowledge of UK market. Now we are teaming up to come directly to you to offer our finest products at a best possible price.

  • Top quality products
  • Cheapest without compromising on quality
  • Advantage of buying directly from a importer

Our Stock Yards

Ipswich, UK

Stock Yard in India
Rajasthan, India


“The service was terrific. The crew was efficient and helpful. Nothing broke and colour of the stone was way better than I imagined (or could have hoped!)”

Sunny T

“Very friendly staff, was unsure about the colour and quantities. Helped me in choosing the right stone. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a great Indian Stone patio at amazingly low price.”

Julie W